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  • Potential employers spend only 10 to 15 seconds on the initial reading of the resume or CV
  • 82-94% of applicants are rejected at the resume or CV screening phase of the selection process
  • It is not necessarily the most qualified person who is short-listed for the job, but the one that is the best in getting noticed by their resume - your resume is your ticket to the interview phase
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Why use a resume template? How can we help you?

CV and resume templates? Yes, we are sure you have seen them too... You can buy 100’s of templates as a package. But let’s be practical, do you really have time to figure out which of those hundreds of cheap samples you are going to use? With this in mind, our resume template has condensed all the benefits of these other templates into one – and even gives you more! We know how important that job is to you – that’s why we are just as serious about it as you are!

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By making use of our professionally crafted resume template, based on years of experience and understanding in the recruitment industry, we can help you get noticed and short-listed for your ideal job. We offer design CV templates to fill out yourself. These can be adapted to your own needs. In addition, you will find in our blog, instructions and assistance for a clean result. Curriculum Vitae Patterns and templates help with the creation, because the CV is the central document of the application. With the CV, the applicant presents his personal data in a clear format. The HR specialist can quickly get an idea of the applicant's qualifications. With the large number of incoming applications for individual job advertisements, the personnel nurse has a few seconds to get a first opinion about the applicant The structure, details and the structure in the CV are therefore crucial factors to convince with the application.

resume templates
resume templates


A CV is usually created in Word and then printed or saved as a pdf. Our resume patterns and templates serve as the basis for a resume. Depending on the sector and occupational field, a preselection can be made based on the resume templates and a suitable grid can be selected. Depending on work experience and age, each resume pattern needs to be customized in Word. In addition to the content data and the font, their size, individual sections or even colors can be changed .

Nowadays it is easy to create your own website with the qualifications in parallel . For this purpose, no programming knowledge required. Many content management systems allow the input of the data. Within a few minutes, you have built a CV that can be accessed online at any time. The challenge with an online CV and .pdf is to create a consistent style . The printed resume pattern should be reflected online. The font sizes do not have to be identical, but they should be similar or the overall picture should have the same structure. Font sizes also scale, yes, according to quote setting. Colors, shapes and icons are crucial here.

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Our experts know how to do it better than anyone else. We’ve created over 50 winning resume templates, we’ve worked with individuals from all industries and we are committed to your success.

certified resume templates

We specialize in more than 30 different industries and most importantly, we know what makes recruiters and hiring managers tick. When you choose template-resume.com™, our professional designers will use their expertise to make your resume shine.