Airport Cleaner Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Job Objective

Airport Cleaner with excellent skills and the ability seeking to work for your company.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Hands-on experience in cleaning and maintenance of airport property, terminals, and offices
  • Immense knowledge of cleaning methods and customer service practices
  • Extensive knowledge of established personnel and safety rules and regulations
  • Proficient in manual and power-operated cleaning machinery and tools
  • Ability to interact with crew members, coworkers and supervisor, in a polite manner
  • Ability to detect and mop any spillage in airport premises, in a timely manner

Professional Experience:

Airport Cleaner

PrimeFlight Aviation – Greer, SC

August 2012 – Present


  • Swept, scrubbed, and buffed all floors of airport buildings, efficiently.
  • Vacuumedand placedall carpets and rugs within airport buildings, properly.
  • Dusted, wiped, and polished all furniture, fixtures, doors, and windows, as directed.
  • Collected trash from ashtrays and waste receptacles, and cleaned them thoroughly.
  • Detected and wiped off all finger marks and smudges, in a proper and careful manner.
  • Gathered and moved waste paper and other garbage to allocated disposal site.
  • Washed and sanitized all water coolers and sinks within the airport buildings.
  • Mopped and cleaned outside entrance areas, stairways and checkpoint areas.
  • Collected and cleared out snow from passageways and walks, around the airport.
  • Utilized and maintained all company-provided broom, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning equipments.


Associate Degree in Business Administration

Clovis Community College, Clovis, NM