How to become an architect

Job description: What does an architect do?

Architects design structures and also plan related projects for the renovation, modernization, or repair of buildings. The work begins with planning and continues with the monitoring of construction activities. In addition to the design aspect of planning, technical aspects must also be considered during planning and construction. The calculation of the statics and the project’s expected costs and the design of the finished building is among architects who are often employed in architecture or engineering offices.

Architects can also find suitable jobs in the construction industry or real estate companies. In addition to the independent activity as an architect, in which several architects often agree on cooperation and acquire and process corresponding orders, employment in the public service is also possible, for example, in municipal building authorities. The place of work for an architect does not only include the office where the planning is carried out. Architects are often on business trips to exchange ideas with clients. Also, their presence is occasionally required during the assembly/construction of your projects.

Architect responsibilities and requirements

To work as an architect, a corresponding university degree in architecture is generally necessary. Only someone with the related qualifying degree can call himself an “architect.” Such a degree is not exclusively the Bachelor degree in “Architecture”; courses such as “Architecture and Urban Space” or “Air Conditioning Engineering” can also qualify you to practice this profession.

Access to such a degree is often made more difficult by a numerus clausus. The applicant has to submit an application portfolio that shows that he has the appropriate creative skills. Many universities and colleges also wish to do a pre-study internship in this area before commencing their studies.

In addition to creativity, architects need the ability to apply mathematical and physical knowledge. Knowledge of a foreign language is now a prerequisite, as international clients are to be expected. Good IT skills and knowledge of the operation of the software typical for the industry are also required to apply as an architect. Besides, there are corresponding soft skills: Architects need a high degree of teamwork, as they work together with colleagues and clients, and constant dialogue is necessary here. At the same time, the willingness to be out and about a lot and not only be able to work in the office is a prerequisite for this profession.

With a portfolio that shows which projects the applicant has already worked on or which ideas he pursued during his studies, the applicant shows his design and planning knowledge, so it is also necessary to submit an individual portfolio to apply as an architect. The resume of the application are rounded off by suitable internships and good job references, which should convince the future employer of the applicant’s suitability. Care must be taken to ensure that the selection of internships corresponds to the later field in which the architect would like to work. As soon as a management position in architecture is sought, a bachelor’s degree is usually not enough.