What does an architectural draftsman do?

Architectural draftsman job description

Architectural drafters are confronted with a multitude of different tasks. Sketches, plans, perspectives, and views are created by drawing or by computer. Drawings and cuts must be made. With the computer’s help, true-to-scale execution and detailed illustrations are drawn up based on sketches, drafts, graphics, or instructions.

In the meantime, building regulations and standards must be observed. Plans and drawings should be provided with dimensions and information that are decisive for the subsequent construction. Industry-specific abbreviations and identifiers play an essential role here. Drafters also carry out changes to drawings.

At the same time, drafters are responsible for preparing accounting and inventory plans, carrying out technical calculations, and storing finished construction drawings properly. Another focus of activity is surveying. Work processes are planned, coordinated, and implemented according to the order. Preparations for presentations such as documentation, drawings, or the creation of models are also responsible for a draftsman. Furthermore, drafters work outbuilding applications taking into account building regulations.

Architectural drafters can specialize in critical areas, on civil engineering, where bridge construction and industrial buildings are in the foreground. In civil engineering, road construction, and landscaping, the focus is on creating planning documents for road construction and traffic route construction. Also, execution drawings for supply and disposal are made here. Also, drafters with this focus deal with landscaping. Finally, a specialization in architecture is possible, where shell structures and extensions and assembly plans for precast elements are primarily taken into account.

Drafters find employment opportunities at building authorities, construction companies with internal planning departments, property developers, prefabricated part manufacturers, and architecture and engineering offices. Self-employment is also conceivable.

Architectural draftsman responsibilities and requirements

The tasks and activities of a draftsman are very diverse and are subject to a special responsibility. Employers, therefore, require their employees to have some skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

Mathematical thinking skills and good spatial imagination are essential in this professional activity. A specific ability to remember is required, among other things, about statutory building regulations and standards. Manual skills are necessary to create drawings. The mostly used drawing software requires a quick wrist and finger speed. Good hand-eye coordination is essential for any survey.

To understand certain functions and structural requirements, drafters need a strong technical understanding. True-to-scale detailed drawings can only be created with a drawing ability. Good verbal skills are expected when communicating with customers or other stakeholders. To understand construction and service descriptions, you also need a good understanding of the text. Finally, written skills and confidence in spelling and grammar are required, for example, to prepare building applications.

The profession of the draftsman is also linked to health requirements. Architectural drafters must be resilient and incredibly talented in fine motor skills. Sufficient movement coordination is also necessary to move around without accidents, for example, on construction sites. Ahead for heights is also required when walking on scaffolding. Spatial and near vision are also essential prerequisites for the profession of the draftsman.

For the application as a draftsman, proof of completed vocational training is useful and most necessary. Alternatively, CAD specialists specializing in construction have a good chance of finding a job as a draftsman. Certificates of professional practice, for example, as a technician, technical specialist, or trainer, increase the chances of applying.

From a purely legal point of view, no school requirements are expected for training as a draftsman. However, most of the time, applicants with a middle school diploma or university entrance qualification are hired.