What does an automotive title clerk do?

Automotive title clerk job description

The automotive clerk is a competent service provider for everything to do with motor vehicles and is in demand in the industry, trade, and craft sectors.

In ​​finance and accounting, he/she prepares sales documents, takes care of bookkeeping, cost accounting, and calculation, and prepares the annual financial statements. He/she also plans the deployment of staff and settles wages, commissions, and bonuses. He / She takes care of getting offers, compares conditions, and calculates workshop and sales prices.

The automobile salesman also observes developments in the market, assesses sales opportunities, plans marketing campaigns, and ensures that they are implemented. These activities include:

  • Advertisements in magazines and electronic media.
  • Maintaining customer databases for service marketing campaigns.
  • Carrying out and initiating promotional activities such as special offers for used cars.

The main task, however, is advice and sales. The car salesman informs his / her customers about trends and technical innovations, makes financing proposals, creates leasing and insurance offers, and prepares the corresponding contracts. He/she also takes care of vehicle registrations, and deregistrations create invoices and process warranty and goodwill orders. The automotive clerk is also responsible for the sale of vehicle parts and accessories, books the purchase and sale of goods, and manages the warehouse. This includes the storage of spare parts and accessories, the determination of the parts’ turnover rate, and the initiation of measures that serve to secure the spare parts warehouse.

Car salespeople work in car dealerships and rental companies, for vehicle manufacturers, or importers and exporters. Their diverse locations are the office, the salesroom, the customer service counter, or the warehouse.

Automotive title clerk responsibilities and requirements

Anyone who wants to work as an automobile salesman needs a completed commercial apprenticeship. A specific educational path to becoming an automobile salesman is ideal but not necessary. However, to conduct professional consultations with customers or conduct business, it is essential to have a sound knowledge of the automotive industry.

Furthermore, the automobile saleswoman brings a great deal of interest and understanding of technical relationships with him because he/she combines his / her commercial skills with the technical product and operating know-how. He / She thinks to the highest degree in service and customer-oriented manner and is extremely good at communicating. Because these are the basic requirements in daily dealings with business and private customers, this also includes good manners and a well-groomed appearance.

Careful work and commercial thinking are required when recognizing customer requests or calculating financing offers. Negotiating skills and assertiveness are necessary when dealing with suppliers or during sales talks with customers. Automotive salespeople are also characterized by their independent working hours and flexibility, as they work in the office, in the sales area, and the warehouse. They are specialists in several business areas at the same time: in finance and accounting, in marketing, service, and distribution, as well as in consulting and sales. This also requires organizational skills.

Good mathematical knowledge and a certain amount of economic experts are also required for commercial calculations. The ability to make contacts and language skills are also essential to carry out sales talks and advice. For office work on the PC, good knowledge of MS Office, and confident use of the Internet is beneficial. A high level of initiative and implementation skills, process and goal-oriented work, and the willingness to work in a team round off the automobile saleswoman’s profile.