Bank Teller Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Hhighly motivated bank teller


Bank Teller candidate offering strong customer service skills, excellent technical ability, and terrific mathematics ability. Superb problem solver and fully devoted to the task at hand. Capable of responding quickly to service-related issues and able to remain calm under pressure.



High School Diploma, 2013

Relevant Courses

  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Communications
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Customer service
  • Financial advice
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Customer service
  • Financial advice
  • Money handling
  • Accurate change delivery
  • Emergency response
  • Security protocols

Mid-Level Professional Resume

A mid-level professional has been a bank teller for a period of at least three years. Somebody with this level of experience can rely to some degree on past work experience, although it is still very important to highlight skills and education as well. The bank teller resume sample provided below starts first with a comprehensive list of relevant skills and only moves on to job experience after the initial expectations of expertise have been met.

  • Skilled bank teller with multiple years of experience in financial environments.
  • Knowledgeable of federal and state banking policies.
  • Capable of delivering excellent customer service experiences.
  • Able to operate well under time constraints and in a fast-paced environment.

Financial management: Assist customers in making decisions on financial matters. Remain knowledgeable of banking policy with complex transactions.

Customer service: Provide a pleasant banking experience for every customer in line. Present a positive and helpful attitude at all times.

Technical expertise: Knowledgeable of Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and payroll management software.

Greet clients and provide strong customer service throughout a transaction. Assist with financial transactions. Supervise foreign currency transactions. Identify referential opportunities. Cross sell bank services when it becomes apparent that there would be mutual benefit in doing so.

Experienced Professional Resume

After many years of experience in this field, bank tellers can rely mostly on their job history and career skills when searching out a new job opportunity. At this stage, presenting yourself as a bank teller in your bank teller resume can emphasize your desire to remain in your current position rather than moving to another one. The bank teller sample resume provided below offers a comprehensive breakdown of Mr. Grey’s career as well as a glimpse at the sort of long-term career goals that he likely has.


Bank Teller

  • Maintained and balanced cash drawer.
  • Supervised foreign currency exchanges and accounts.
  • Monitored large transactions.
  • Identified referral opportunities.
  • Oversaw ATM operations.
  • Provided training for fellow employees.
  • Assisted with loan payments and other installment transactions.
  • Handled money orders and bill payment services.
  • Helped instill safe working environment and enforced strong security within the organization.


  • Performed specialized banking transactions such as personal money orders and custom loans.
  • Recorded all transactions in a prompt and accurate manner.
  • Maintained in-depth knowledge of local banking procedures as well as new federal laws.
  • Conducted auditing of dormant accounts and solicited business from them.
  • Monitored computer system for fraudulent activity.
  • Balanced cash drawers.
  • Greeted clients and thanked them for their business.