Bar Manager Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Bar manager candidate with an extremely high level of energy and self-motivation techniques. Excellent communication skills, knowledge of business administration, and ability to handle many diverse challenges at once. Strong human resources, financial, and communication abilities.



Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration, 2014

Relevant Courses

  • Business Management
  • Human Relations
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Customer Communications
  • Stock and Inventory


Professional Skills

  • Customer service
  • Hiring and training
  • Personnel management
  • Financial records
  • Business administration
  • Business communications
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Access

Mid-Level Professional Resume

Bar managers with some experience will be able to shine more brightly than others if they can point to a position they held where the bar’s business increased or remained very prosperous. For example, the bar manager resume sample below presents Elaine McGee, whose skills led her most previous employer to see a significant upswing in the number of customers. While this is obviously not entirely the manager’s doing, it does reflect very well on her.

Elaine McGee 41 Author Road – Portland, ME 04101 – (207) 652-8530 – [email protected]


Strong organizational commitment and excellent management skills.

  • Bar manager candidate with several years of experience in organizational management.
  • Excellent communication and customer service abilities.
  • Knowledge of business management and financial administration.
  • Dedication to organizational goals and the overall success of any project undertaken.
EXPERTISE Organizational development: Set up and shepherd bars and similar businesses from small organizations to something that completely fulfills its overall potential. Customer service: Ensure that all bar patrons receive the level of courtesy and service they should expect from a quality establishment. Personnel management: Seek out knowledgeable and effective bartenders, food servers, and other employees, hiring those who will help meet organizational goals. EXPERIENCE

Joe’s Bar and Grill (Portland, ME)

Bar Manager, 6/2012-Present Provide extensive management services for all aspects of a downtown bar. Order supplies, arrange the visual features of the establishment, and assist with marketing developments. Hire and train staff members. Provide bar service and ensure that customer needs are always met in full.

Joe’s Bar and Grill (Portland, ME)

Bartender, 5/2011-6/2012 Provided extremely strong customer service for patrons of a bar and food establishment. Mixed drinks, provided conversation, and assisted with food delivery. Kept bar area organized and well-stocked, ordering new inventory when necessary. Directed and trained staff members to ensure the best service possible.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Rhode Island, 5/2011

Graduated with a Grade Point Average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale

Experienced Professional Resume

Bar managers with many years of experience need to know their relationship with their previous employers well. Your bar manager resume at this point should include a survey of the jobs you held where you made the greatest positive impacts. The bar manager sample resume provided here uses a candidate named Justin Wayne, who cites his three latest job experiences, each of which helped to turn him into the candidate he is today.

Justin Wayne

(777)-777-7777 | 44 Hero Street | Portland, ME 04101 | [email protected]

Experienced bar manager with superb personnel management skills.


Extremely well-organized and motivated with a passion for delivering excellent service. Knowledgeable of industry standards and creative in approaching new solutions for problems such as financial management, human resources, and marketing. CORE COMPETENCIES Organizational development – Bartending – Late-night shift supervision – Drink mixing – Customer communications –

Marketing and public relations – Recreational bar activities – Employee training – Organization – Attention to detail Professional Experience DANA’S PLACE – Portland, ME 2009-Present


HOVATTER BAR AND DINING – Manchester, NH 2008-2009


HOVATTER BAR AND DINING – Manchester, NH 2007-2008