What does a branch manager do?

Branch manager job description

The branch manager’s job, also known as a sales point manager, is different and carries many exciting activities, such as determining what is claimed for goods and placing orders for goods. The incoming deliveries are accepted and checked by the branch manager. In some cases, the sales point manager monitors the goods’ correct storage and previous delivery. The pricing of the inventory and its presentation in the salesroom is also carried out or monitored by the branch management.

Daily sales work is also part of a branch manager’s movements, such as taking orders, advising customers, and conducting sales talks. Salespoint managers also control complaints. The branch manager is also accountable for the annual inventory.

Each branch has a predetermined budget. To manage this and carry out the operational accounting is one of the branch manager’s duties, who is accountable for the management of the company for the figures of his branch. The boost in sales and turnover also falls under the branch manager’s area of ​​activity, which it implements through sales-promoting measures and the setting of sales and marketing goals. A branch manager’s range of tasks also includes branch personnel management, which consists of generating operational plans, personnel management, and employees’ support in their day-to-day sales.

Branch managers find their place of work in retail and specialist retailers as well as in mail order. They are used in various industries such as furniture stores, hardware stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, car dealerships, and Internet retailing. Branch managers work on-site in offices and salesrooms.

Branch manager responsibilities and requirements

The essential qualification for working as a branch manager is training in retail or further training in this area. In addition to training, some companies also require a degree in this area. Anyone with the appropriate training in this area can become a branch manager, regardless of whether they are a merchant in retail, music retailer, druggist, bookseller, business economist for trade, specialist salesperson, and specialist consultant.

In any case, an applicant for a position as a branch manager should demonstrate knowledge in the areas of purchasing, procurement, calculation, pricing, cost and performance accounting, sales promotion, personnel planning, product range design, product presentation, and advertising. These are generally required by employers and excellent PC skills, especially in the area of ​​MS Office. Besides a strong consumer and service orientation, a branch manager also has a high level of motivation, resilience, a high level of organizational and coordination skills, and conversation skills.

A branch manager should also enjoy dealing with customers. Flexibility, a well-groomed appearance, and excellent manners are prerequisites for working as a branch manager and should be a matter of course for applicants in this area. A branch manager is characterized by good sales and rhetorical skills, an independent, responsible, and structured way of working, which should also be solution-oriented.

The willingness to work on weekends should be given to applicants for a position as branch manager and leadership competence, the ability to motivate others as a role model, and the ability to work in a team. Physical resilience plays just as important a role in the work as a branch manager, as does the willingness to learn to implement new concepts and strategies successfully.