What does a call center agent do?

Call center agent job description

A call center agent’s activity consists primarily of accepting incoming customer calls and the receipt inquiries and providing information. This is called inbound. The conduct of consultations and the acceptance of orders or complaints are also part of their tasks. Furthermore, facts are to be recorded, and problem solutions to be worked out. Depending on the product or service offered, the focus of the task can also be variable.

In addition to the inbound area, which deals with incoming calls or chats, there is also the outbound area. In this area, which concerns the outgoing contacts or calls, it is usually about the sale of goods or services and the acquisition of new customers. Call center agents to call existing customers or potential new customers and present their products and services to them to sell them. Another area in which call center agents are often used is consumer telephone surveys carried out, for example, on behalf of market research institutes.

Call center agents usually work incall or contact centers. These terms refer to companies (external companies) or organizational units (within a company) that establish market contacts by telephone or chat. Call centers can, therefore, also be operated in-house. In this case, the company concerned takes on the hiring and planning of the employees itself. There is also the possibility that companies outsource orders to specialized call center service providers, who then carry out their orders on behalf and behalf of the respective customer.

The most important workplace places for the call center agents are primarily open-plan offices, a specially equipped cubicle, or a single workstation. For some time now, some call centers have also offered the option of working from home, i.e., from a home office.

Call center agent responsibilities and requirements

As a rule, entry as a call center agent is possible for career changers. However, the respective companies, educational institutions, or call centers are happy to set their access criteria. As a rule, this includes several years of professional experience in addition to completed vocational training—basic commercial knowledge or, if necessary, a technical understanding is an advantage but not mandatory.

Other essential requirements are excellent English and, depending on the target group, good Spanish skills, and a high concentration level, paired with care. Good PC skills, as well as communication skills, and willingness to make contacts, are also among the essential requirements that are placed on the applicant.

Other criteria that should not be underestimated are flexibility and mental resilience, good negotiating skills, and a high degree of courage and assertiveness. A pleasant voice on the phone, great ambition in achieving targets, good quality, and service orientation are also important and should not be underestimated.

Depending on the product to be sold, product-specific knowledge may be necessary. However, these are usually imparted during the training or induction phase.