Chef (cook) resume template

chef resume template

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Resume template needed as a chef? Are you planning to change your career and apply for a new position? Then you will find what you need here.

How to write a chef (cook) resume

If you want to work as a cook, you have to complete an apprenticeship with a standard period of three years for this purpose. During this time all necessary manual skills are learned. In addition to the preparation of the food, this also includes a corresponding knowledge of the goods and basic knowledge of calculating prices.

How to write a resume objective

Chefs work in completely different companies. These can be restaurants of all kinds but also large kitchens, such as in company canteens. As different as the dishes on offer are, the workflow also differs from one another. Regardless of this, as a cook, in most cases the willingness to work on weekends or public holidays is essential.

What does a chef (cook) resume look like

As a cook, you work in a craft profession. But even if paperwork is not one of your tasks, this does not release you from the need to put together a proper application. In addition to an attractive cover letter, you should above all pay sufficient attention to your resume.

What to include in a chef (cook) resume

The basic information that must be included in it includes your personal information such as your name, address, and date of birth. Also, a complete list of your training and your previous employer is necessary. Even if you have worked in another job in the meantime, this should be noted on your resume.

Also, you should provide the company with an overview of your skills in the kitchen. This makes it easy for them to see whether you are eligible for the vacancy. To support you in your application as a chef, we provide you with a CV template on this page.

Chef resume complete CV sample:

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Are you a chef with no experience and you want to get the first job? Don’t worry, our cook CV template is designed for you. You can download the CV template directly to your PC in Word format.

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