How to write a college student resume

Are you looking for a job or an internship and are you a student? This resume templates is made for you. During training, many students are faced with looking for an internship, a summer job, or an apprenticeship. In these short times, this is not necessarily obvious. This is why it is important to have a resume that appeals to you.

We, therefore, offer you a resume templates for high school students looking for an internship or a seasonal job. Their colors make them modern, stylish and easy to read.This is everything recruiters are looking for. It will allow you to have a flashy resume that will give you the chance to stand out from other candidates during your interviews. Being a student or training in a school very often involves the creation of a resume. To find an internship, a work-study program, or a summer job, our site offers different templates of resume. Free or paid resume? We chose a paid resume for several reasons. Even if we know that students do not have large budgets, we prefer to offer them a qualitative service to help them.

How to write a first resume

When you are a student it is often the time for the first resumes. A resume for an internship in a company or to look for a job in addition to studies. Writing the first resume is not much different from a classic resume. The level of experience and professional background are less developed. Insist on your motivations, your skills as well as your newly acquired diplomas. Many qualities have no experience.

A resume for a students with no experience

This type of resume requires that you develop the areas of interest section. This is a way for the recruiter to understand your profile. Do not hesitate to explain to them by describing your activities. Skills acquired outside of a university or school environment are welcome. You can be part of an association, an office, you have already been part of the organization of an event or you may have already been a class delegate. Indicate it! It is also advisable to provide detailed information on everything you can bring to the company you want to join as well as your medium-term objectives.