Commercial cleaning resume template

commercial cleaning resume template

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Job description: what does a cleaner do?

Cleanliness at the workplace is not just a question of a good image. Still, an absolute necessity today because a clean workplace prevents the risk of the transmission of pathogenic germs and viruses and ensures the functionality of machines, devices, and systems and preventive accident protection. Accordingly, cleaning staff is required in practically all areas of production, service, and trade.

The cleaning staff’s areas of responsibility are very different. They range from cleaning hotel rooms and private apartments to disinfecting cleaning in clinics and medical practices to special cleaning devices and machines in the industry.

In the hotel and restaurant industry, cleaners are essential to clean the rooms. However, the requirements can be high in this area, as a clean, flawless appearance is the flagship. The situation is similar in office and business premises as well as public buildings with frequent customers. Of course, office workers also want to work in a clean environment without customer traffic. More and more often, cleaners are also being used in private apartments, since few working people do not have the time to clean themselves and service companies make appropriate offers for this.

The cleaning staff is also indispensable in industry, although the requirements here are often relatively high. For example, regular cleaning is an essential part of hygiene measures in the food processing sector and is sometimes subject to official controls. However, regular basic cleaning is also necessary for machine and plant engineering, as operating materials such as oils and lubricating greases are often used here, promoting the accumulation of dust and dirt particles.

The clinical area in hospitals and medical practices requires the simple cleaning of surfaces, devices, and furnishings and sterilizing cleaning to prevent the spread of infectious germs, bacteria, and viruses.

What are the main duties of a cleaner?

A good cleaner has an “eye” for the unique features of their job. In addition, the knowledge of the use of the various cleaning agents and how they work on different materials. It is also essential, especially in professional cleaning, to observe the information on storage and use of cleaning agents. Depending on the application area, highly concentrated resources are used that are not available in ordinary trade, and prior training may be included in their handling. The higher the specialist knowledge or skills in this area, the better the application prospects. While in the hotel and restaurant industry, rather light cleaning work has to be carried out, the food or clinical area, in particular, may require a certain insensitivity to certain substances such as blood. In addition, physical fitness is essential.

In addition to the cleaning agents already mentioned, various devices such as high-pressure or steam cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, and motorized cleaning vehicles are also used in the cleaning industry. These, as well as high-pressure cleaners, require appropriate experience and knowledge, the evidence of which gives the applicant an advantage for a position. This applies to the handling of the devices during cleaning work and their treatment and knowledge of the dangers involved in use. This includes the correct connection and the correct addition of cleaning agents or blasting agents, and the use of protective equipment.

Due to the variety of different surfaces, devices, and furnishings to be cleaned and the cleaning agents and cleaning devices available, many years of experience in particular areas can be the most significant advantage when applying for a job as a cleaner. In other categories such as the hotel industry or private apartments, it is above all a high level of reliability and absolute honesty required of applicants. The possession of a driving license class B or higher is another, often required criterion.

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