Datacenter Architect Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Career Goal

A talented Datacenter Architect seeking to work in a friendly environment, where I can freely contribute my skills in Cisco Unified Communications, Sybase, LAN/ WAN, Perl and Python.

Technical Skills

Sound knowledge of Markup and scripting languages:

  • Unix Shell scripting, TCL, XML
  • JavaScript, HTML
  • Perl, Python, VBScript

Superb network administration skills:

  • SNMP, Ethernet
  • GB Firewall, Cisco ASA

`Adept in utilizing software applications and tools:

  • Impact Integrations, ProactiveNet
  • Event and Service Impact Manager
  • Capacity Management

Highly skillful in Database Administration:

  • Sybase SQL
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise
  • MS Access, MySQL, oracle

Profound knowledge of:

  • Datacenter Operations and Planning
  • Creating new Datacenters
  • Cisco security and communications

Efficient in working with operating systems:

  • Linux, Sun Solaris
  • AIX, Windows

Adroit in utilizing software solutions:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Datacenter Migration

Strong abilities to:

  • Analyze data security requirements
  • Manage datacenter operations team

Relevant Experience

Datacenter Architect

Microsoft Corporation

January 2012 – Present

Concord, CA

  • Resolved technical issues and troubleshooting areas with cause identification.
  • Performed hiring of Solutions Architect to update system with infra technologies.
  • Submitted reports containing SOW details, pricing and time estimates to senior management.
  • Provided pre sales functions and actual delivery of products to end users.
  • Implemented various offerings of data center solutions along with management and maintenance issues.
  • Conducted workshops with external clients to draw findings and related conclusions.
  • Arranged for technical discussions with clients to use technologies such as VM and Blades.

Datacenter Architect


November 2010 – January 2012

Atlanta, GA

  • Conducted meetings with subject matter experts and clients to discuss data solutions.
  • Performed functions relating to civil engineering, computer networking and data security.
  • Coordinated with IT teams and management for implementation of data infrastructure projects.
  • Provided delivery of data services to data centers and external vendors.
  • Arranged for research functions to suggest new technologies for all products.
  • Monitored all current and new data center operations with robust measures.
  • Participated in learning of technical designs, specifications and datacenter concepts.
  • Developed concrete solutions for clients in optimal and economical manner.

Educational Background

Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Fitchburg State College

August 2008 – May 2010

Fitchburg, MA

Professional Certification

EMC Data Center Architect(EMCDCA)

July 2010