Professional dental technician resume template

dental technician resume template

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If you want to change your career, you cannot avoid writing a resume. On the one hand, this serves the company to check your qualifications. On the other hand, it also offers you the opportunity to point out special knowledge and skills. The better you use this opportunity, the higher your chances of a personal interview.

How to make a dental technician resume

In addition to the medical assistants, they are probably the dentists’ most important helpers. Because the dental technicians ensure that your teeth look good, regardless of their age. Among other things, they manufacture and repair dental technology products. So if you have a steady hand and are skilled in manual work, this profession could be just the thing for you.

Job description dental technician

As you can see from the name, this job is about teeth. From dentures to braces to implants – you manufacture various products from different materials, for example from plastics, ceramics, or metals. One thing counts here above all: accuracy.

How to write a resume objective

Because splints etc. have to fit perfectly into the patient’s mouth. To do this, a precise impression of the denture is taken at the dentists. You use various tools during production, for example, so-called articulators. These can mimic people’s speech and chewing movements and are used to test the prostheses. Also, the cleaning and repair of these products are part of your everyday work.

In a difficult situation, you also cooperate with dentists. Together you will advise patients on their choice. Overall, as a dental technician, you choose a varied profession, because you not only work in the office, but also laboratories or workshops.

Get a professional look of your dental technician CV

Your resume must be complete and, if possible, should have no major gaps. That being said, it is also important that you present your professional career in a visually appealing way. Because with an unprofessional design, likely, your resume will not be read at all and you will receive a rejection despite having possibly sufficient qualifications. It is important to note that you can modify everything within this template (colors, texts, images, etc.) and adapt it to your liking. All you have to do is download this CV template, complete it with your information, and export it in the format you need.

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