Diesel Generator Mechanic Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Job Objective

To increase value of the company through excellence as a Diesel Generator Mechanic.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Remarkable experience in diagnosing diesel engine, and other locomotive mechanical system malfunctions
  • Sound knowledge of generators, electrical systems and plumbing along with the tools associated with the equipment
  • Profound knowledge of technical data in the related fields such as electrical, software and manufacturing
  • Ability to test equipments and fabricate the hardware if required
  • Ability to repair, replace, and rebuild locomotive and diesel engine components as needed
  • Ability to study the manuals and blue prints, maintain and repair the equipment accordingly

Professional Experience:

Diesel Generator Mechanic, August 2005 – Present

Maizis and Miller, San Antonio, TX

  • Maintained and repaired UPS and Detroit Diesel Generators.
  • Studied instruction and technical drawings, modified, repaired, designed and maintained a variety of equipment’s and tools.
  • Operated on varied equipments, especially in areas such as manufacturing, electrical and software.
  • Organized data by interpreting schematics, diagrams and engineering drawings to process information and design improvement on the same.
  • Maintained records, logs, files and other technical information.

Diesel Generator Mechanic, May 2000 – July 2005

Mechanics Hub, San Antonio, TX

  • Maintained and repaired diesel power generators and associated components such as cooling systems, fuel system and lubrication.
  • Remodeled and repaired diesel power generators with components such as combustion cylinder liner, connecting rod, piston, cylinder head and bearings.
  • Diagnosed and repaired diesel power generators for shut down and no start conditions along with the necessary paper work required for the same.
  • Conducted preventive maintenance on equipment and tools.


High School Diploma, Holly Junior/Senior High School, Holly, CO