How to write a eye-catching resume and how to get noticed

The eye-catching CV often corresponds to the CV of a person who is starting in working life. It can also be used by a person who wishes to change the professional stream, sector of activity, or even type of position. When it comes to creating this type of CV, the person may not have much or little experience in the job market. Standing out in the application process can therefore sometimes be a bit difficult.

Often, people who try to write their own CVs end up with an unoriginal CV that looks a lot like other candidates. This is why it is useful to seek to differentiate yourself and play the card of sober originality, which will be able to highlight your qualities and skills.

Our eye-catching resume templates have been specially designed for this. They allow you to select from a very large selection of eye-catching resume templates. These CV templates will both attract recruiters and offer you a structure that highlights your skills and your know-how.

They are adaptable and editable in a simple and fast way. They will also serve as a guide to help you complete your CV without forgetting key elements. Our best resume templates are attractive, modern, and boast a sleek design that will allow you to grab the attention of recruiters so you can land an interview for the job of your dreams!