Fashion designer resume template

fashion designer resume template

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Looking for a new fashion designer job? Don’t just stand there — let’s get to it: express yourself by writing an outstanding resume using ideas from our fashion designer resume template and writing tips.

Job description: what does a fashion designer do?

Fashion designers create clothing. They look for new trends and influence the looks of the next season. Professional fashion designers are responsible for new models and collections, whether for women, men, or children.

The individual activities of fashion designers revolve around the styling of fashion. You design and create clothing for a wide variety of occasions. To do this, they get to the bottom of new trends. You visit trendy cafes, fashion capitals, fashion fairs, and various exhibitions. In addition, they scour the Internet and browse trendy fashion magazines. The more impressions you get, the better. New materials and techniques are also taken into account.

Then it goes to work in the studio. There, fashion designers put their first sketches on paper and design new models on the computer. After the so-called design phase, they have preliminary samples sewn and then optimize the sample collection. Here and there, they make a few changes. New ideas or requests from customers or colleagues may also flow in before the final pattern for series production is created.

Ultimately, they accompany their models to trade fairs and fashion shows, where they answer questions from the audience. But that’s not all. Fashion designers also work in the quality control of garments. To do this, they check the sewing work of external companies, which are often located abroad. They control the fabric’s quality, the seams’ processing, and whether the specified cuts have been adhered to. If you discover errors or other problems, you need to find a workable solution. You have to coordinate with contractual partners abroad and prove your negotiating skills.

Fashion designers work predominantly in fashion studios and the design department of clothing manufacturers. In addition to the studios, typical locations are also workshops, production halls, costume departments, and offices. In addition, fashion designers spend a lot of time in exhibition halls. The few jobs in film and television studios or theaters are particularly popular. There, fashion designers take care of the actors’ outfits away from the stage.

Fashion designer responsibilities and requirements

Different paths lead to the profession of fashion designer. If you have big goals, you should decide to study. Coupled with sufficient experience, it offers the best foundation for a career in the fashion industry. Various universities offer fashion design courses. The entrance requirement is the university entrance qualification. In addition, many universities and technical colleges require artistic work samples and passing the entrance examination.

Before starting their studies, many fashion designers complete an apprenticeship to train their practical skills. The professions of tailor or clothing technician are suitable. Alternatively, there is also a school education to become a fashion designer. The prerequisite is at least a secondary school leaving certificate.

Fashion designers need a lot of talents and social skills. On the one hand, they are enthusiastic about fashion and art. You are creative, have a sense of aesthetics and a feel for colors, fabrics, and patterns. On the other hand, they can handle numbers safely. Mathematical skills are required, for example, to calculate the amount of fabric and patterns. In addition, fashion designers need drawing skills. They work carefully and with an eye for detail. They enjoy using computer programs as much as working on paper. Technical understanding and a good imagination are also an advantage.

In addition, the ability to work in a team is essential for fashion designers. After all, they are not loners. They work a lot with tailors and clothing technicians with whom they have to coordinate. Last but not least, they also need communication skills and customer orientation. Fashion designers usually present their models themselves, often even to an international audience. Even if their fashion speaks for itself, they also have to be able to convince verbally.

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