Forensic Photographer Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Job Objective

To be part of your team as a Forensic Photographer.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Extensive experience of preparation, preservation and submission of photographic evidence for use in criminal investigations and in court
  • Sound knowledge of forensic laboratory operations, OSHA guidelines, photochemistry and digital imaging
  • Thorough knowledge of principles, methods and equipments of modern forensic photography
  • Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop software and digital photographic equipment
  • Ability to perform photographic documentation of evidence, properly and correctly
  • Ability tooperate systems used in retaining DNA, fingerprint and trace evidence

Professional Experience:

Forensic Photographer

BAE Systems, Jacksonville, NC

August 2012 – Present


  • Visited crime scene to captureimages of victims and incidentsite.
  • Photograph dead bodies, autopsy process and personal belongings of deceased.
  • Cooperated with police, hospitals and detectives, in investigation of criminal cases.
  • Processed, developed and enlarged print and digital photographs, as needed.
  • Assisted with management and maintenanceof photographic supplies and chemicals.
  • Gave testimonyinlaw court regarding photographic evidence, when required.

Forensic Photographer

American Systems Corporation, Jacksonville, NC

May 2009 – July 2012


  • Collaborated with law enforcement personnel and physicians, in criminal case investigations.
  • Took pictures of crime scene, death scenes, and autopsies, as documentary evidence.
  • Created, maintained and provided photographic and illustrative evidence for use in investigations and as evidence in court.
  • Produced technical reports for photographic assignments and scientific examinations.
  • Operated and performed preventive maintenance of assigned photographic equipment.
  • Provided testimony and evidentiary images in court as an expert witness.


Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA