What makes our Functional Resume Templates different?

Our functional resume template has been designed by a professional recruitment specialist, with years of experience in the industry. Your resume template is set out as a series of fields which gradually build up the content of your professional resume. It includes:

  • Career Objectives
  • Personal Profile
  • Key Competencies
  • Tertiary Qualifications; training institutions, achievements, projects, major subjects
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Professional Development: outstanding achievements
  • High quality graphics with a structured tabular format: letterhead, tabular headings, page-number footers.

A rich text format (RTF), suitable for most word processors and safe to download. Get your professional resume template today and secure your future!

How to write a functional resume

Every professional must be well aware of the fact that resumes are perhaps the most important documents that are required to seek out different job opportunities in any organization or company. Before you are called in for an interview you will be asked to submit your resume to the potential employer for review. The resume basically determines if you are eligible for the job or not. The employer looks at the different details in your resume and if he finds it according to his liking, you may be called in for an interview where your skills will be judged from the interaction.

It is important to remember that even though if you are a very talented worker and have all the skills required for the job, you will probably end up missing landing that job if you fail to present the necessary details in your resume.

Writing a job winning resume is by no means an easy task. It requires advanced writing skills which not all of us have. That is why it is recommended to make use of a resume template. It is a readymade format for creating and designing your own resume. All you have to do is to fill in the necessary details and your resume will be created. There are lots of designs and themes to choose from when you are designing your resume with resume templates. You should choose a our creative resume template that is suitable for the kind of job you are applying for.