Graphic artist resume template

graphic artist resume template

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The path to your next great graphic artist job begins with writing a standout modern resume. If you’re not sure how to describe your art accomplishments, our graphic artist resume template and expert writing tips offer a helping hand.

Job description: what does a graphic artist do?

The areas of application of graphic designers are diverse, and with the increasing digitalization of media, the range of tasks is increasingly shifting to this area. But the classic creation of graphics for print products is also one of the typical tasks of graphic designers.

Graphic designers create illustrations, infographics, and cover designs for newspapers, magazines, and book publishers. Creating layouts and print-ready products is one of the main tasks of graphic designers, especially in the print sector.

Many graphic designers are also employed in advertising agencies. This area of ​​work is very diverse, as both print and digital work are carried out. The creation of computer graphics is becoming an increasingly important part of the work of graphic designers. This includes websites, character designs for computer games, and 3D graphics for films and product visualizations.

Graphic designers often create layouts for websites and mobile phone apps. While programmers create the functions of a website, graphic artists create the user interface and optimize, among other things, the display and placement of navigation menus, buttons, and call-to-actions to achieve the best possible usability. Graphic designers also design advertising banners for websites. Since advertising campaigns for new products often begin before the actual product exists, natural photos are now often no longer used but photo-realistic representations of products. These are made according to the manufacturer’s specifications by graphic artists using 3D programs. Graphics are also usually created with 3D software for computer games.

The areas of activity of graphic designers are as diverse as the tasks. From small web design agencies to computer game startups to advertising departments of large companies, the list of potential employers is very extensive. Even authorities and administrative institutions employ graphic artists who ensure that the institution has a modern appearance in the print media and on the Internet.

Graphic artist responsibilities and requirements

If you want to work as a graphic designer, you can choose from various courses of study. The graphic design course is offered at many universities, especially universities of applied sciences. There are also similar courses of study such as communication design and industrial design, whose graduates also work as graphic designers. If you want to specialize in illustration, you might be better off studying at an art college. A graphic designer is offered as a three-year course at some private schools. In-company training is available, for example, to become a media designer with a possible specialization in print or digital.

Even if graphic designers work almost exclusively on the computer these days, they are expected to draw with the pen on paper – even if only to create drafts. During their training, graphic designers learn how to use graphics and image processing software professionally. Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator are dominant in this area. Precise work is essential, especially when creating print products. The ready-to-print products must meet the requirements of the printer. Misprints are expensive errors.

3D graphics are a significant growth market in the graphics sector. A wider range of software is used here than with 2D graphics. The most popular are 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D.

A high-quality portfolio is at least as essential as the certified training for applications as a graphic designer. Applicants send examples of their best work as work samples together with the other application documents. Alternatively, you can put your portfolio on a website and include the link in the cover letter or resume.

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