How to make a resume with no experience

Have you just finished your studies and want to join the job market? Does the fact of having no experience and not finding a job scare you? Don’t you know how to write a resume without having work experience? Do not worry. Although experience is an important section of any resume, it is not essential to find a job, since recruiters also take into account other aspects, such as the aptitude and skills of the candidate, to offer them a job.

But for that, you need to know how to write an effective resume, which is clear, concise, well structured, and that highlights your best qualities. At our site, we teach you how to write a resume without experience. Also, we offer you the minimalist resume template without experience, to make it easier for you to create your resume and find a job.

How to make a good resume without having work experience

Whether you have finished your academic training, or if you have no studies, or in the case that you have worked without a contract, you may not know where to start when writing your resume to send it to companies and find a job. Remember that everyone has been in this same situation before joining the job market, so the lacking experience is not an obstacle to finding work.

The first step in any job application in presenting your resume to the company. Keep in mind that you are going to compete with many candidates and that many of them may already have the experience, so you should try your best to write your resume, not leave any detail to improvise and enhance your training and skills to the maximum. Many companies prefer to hire young people because they know that young people do their best to learn and develop a new job or profession well. And this is where you can have more opportunities. But for your resume to be attractive to the recruiter, it has to be written to perfection (like one of these resume templates) and it has to know how to transmit everything you can offer to the company so that it makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates and you get to move on to the next phase.

Tips to make a resume without work experience

The most important piece of advice is that you adapt your resume to the specific job for which you are applying. One of the common mistakes when making a resume is to write a single example and submit it to all job offers. In that case, the resume is impersonal and can hardly attract the recruiter’s attention. Lacking experience, you have to try a little harder. Do some research on the company to which you are going to present yourself as a candidate, its activity, business volume, business philosophy, etc. Also, you must pay close attention to the description of the job offer and the functions that the company assigns to the job you are applying for. With this information, write your resume adapting it to the company and the job position, highlighting everything you can offer based on your training and your skills.

Highlight in your resume both your hard skills and your soft skills. The hard skills are the technical skills you have acquired through your educational background or practices that have made the sector and extracurricular activities, school or university projects, publications, or essays. Also part of the hard skills is the command of languages, the use of computers and computer programs, handling of concrete machinery, etc. For their part, soft skills are related to your personality, your interpersonal relationships. For example leadership skills, communication skills, social skills and interaction with others, teamwork skills, positive attitude, motivation, persuasion, knowing how to work under pressure, interests, etc.

It is increasingly common for recruiters to take into account the soft skills of candidates since training can be acquired at any time, but personal skills are not learned. Therefore, analyze what your strengths are and put them on your resume. Believe it or not, if your personal skills are adapted to the function that the job requires, you will have a good chance of achieving it (For example, if you are sociable, have persuasive skills and the ability to communicate, it is very easy for you to find a commercial position in a company even if you have no experience).

Try to stay informed about the latest news in the job sector that interests you and reflect that knowledge in your resume.

Always accompany the resume with a duly motivated cover letter, explaining what you can contribute to the company and why you want that job.

Since you lack experience, it is important that, in addition to the cover letter, you also include some letters of reference or job recommendation. You can ask for the letter of reference to a teacher or to the company where, if applicable, you have done an internship. Through this letter, the recruiter will know that you are suitable for the job you are applying for and, in any case, it will make you stand out from other candidates whose resume is not so complete.

A fundamental aspect of a resume without experience is not to try to fill it with many sentences that do not provide information of any kind. Avoid all superfluous information. The resume must be clear, concise and to the point, otherwise, the recruiter may get bored reading long paragraphs that do not offer any information and reject you as a candidate.

Never lie in the data provided with the resume, since this could backfire if you go to the job interview and have provided information that does not correspond to reality. (That is, if you have a basic level of Spanish, you cannot say that you master it perfectly).

Example of resume without experience

At our site, we offer you this example so that you can write your resume without experience. You must pay special attention to the structure of the resume, so that all the information is visible and clear for the recruiter at a glance, avoiding filling information that does not add a value of any kind to the job that you introduce yourself.

Resume structure without work experience

Personal data

In this section, you have to include your name and surname, your address, your email address, and a contact telephone number where you are always available in case the company calls you. Your email address must be professional, to generate confidence in the recruiter.

If you have a professional, complete, and up-to-date profile, you can also add it to a social network such as LinkedIn in this section, as well as the links to any website or blog that you have that belongs to the sector of the company in which you are applying. If the blog or website is on another topic, it is better that you omit it.

Regarding the date of your birth and your marital status, include them only if this information is requested by the company in the job offer, in this way you will avoid possible discrimination.

Work experience

This is the most difficult point to complete a resume without experience. Here you have to include the internships that you have done in your study center or university, whether they have been compulsory or voluntary. You can also refer to the scholarships you have obtained, or to any volunteer activity related to the job for which you are applying.


Here you have to put your academic qualification. If you have additional training, such as a master’s degree or a doctorate, you must also include it in this section. If in your training you have obtained excellent grades, you have been the first in the class or you have any enrollment, it is also important that you enter those data.

Next, you have to add all the courses you have taken, as well as the seminars, conferences you have attended related to the job you are applying for.

You should put these data in reverse chronological order so that the most recent courses appear first and the information is displayed in descending order, to the oldest. In this way, the recruiter can first see the most current courses in which you have participated since this data is the one that interests the company the most. Do not forget to put all the details of the courses: Center that has taught the course, teaching hours, start date, and end date.

Languages ​​and continuous training

In this section, you have to include your knowledge of languages, computer science, and techniques. As for languages, you should reflect your level of knowledge: basic, medium, or advanced.It is very important not to lie about the level of language knowledge you have.

You also have to put your technical and computer knowledge here, as well as the hard skills we talked about earlier. For example knowledge and use of computer programs, such as Office packages, handling of spreadsheets or specific management programs, knowledge of computer programming, or other technical knowledge you have. Keep in mind that the knowledge that you have to include are those that are related to the job for which you choose since the rest will not be of interest to the recruiter.

Personal interests and achievements

In this section, you have to put your interests and hobbies. If you practice a sport and have won a competition, this is where you have to refer to it. You can also highlight if you have traveled a lot or have lived a year abroad and have learned to speak a language, even if you do not have the corresponding title. Also, this is where you will state your soft skills, which we have talked about previously, that reflect your personality and highlight your personal profile and your strengths: social skills, communication, persuasion, ability to work in a team, motivation, creativity, ability to learn quickly, flexibility, etc. Analyze your strengths and briefly explain your hard skills, in a reasoned way but using only one line for each of them, avoiding putting superfluous information.

Additional information

In this section, you can add anything that you consider relevant about the job, for example, the possibility of immediate incorporation in the company, flexible hours, the possibility of incorporating in the workplace of another city, availability to travel, etc.

Cover letter and reference letters

From our site, we advise you that if you are going to present a resume without experience, always add a cover letter and reference letter.

The cover letter has to be written by yourself. In it, you will go to the company and tell them why you are interested in the job and why you consider yourself the ideal candidate for the position. This letter must be formal and motivated enough so that the recruiter sees you as the right candidate and, with that, you move on to the second phase, that of the job interview.

Since you have no experience it is important that, in addition to the cover letter, you also attach several letters of reference to your resume. You can turn to your teachers, the companies in which you have developed an internship, or those responsible for any volunteer activity. This letter will be written by them and in it, they should include the activities you have done and what your achievements have been, as well as your attitude towards work and the most positive aspects of your personality. The letter should contain a contact telephone number or email address of the person who signs it in case the recruiter considers that they need to collect more information about you.

Final tips for writing the perfect resume without experience

  • Pay close attention to details so that your resume is perfect. Choose a paper with good weight and avoid all kinds of stains or wrinkles in the resume, since this can be the reason for the recruiter to discard you immediately.
  • Be very careful with spelling mistakes, a resume with spelling mistakes is also discarded completely, no matter how good it is content.
  • Choose a formal and sober letter for the text of the resume, that is neither too big nor too small. Do not try to attract attention in this regard, and focus on taking maximum care of the content of the resume, which is what the recruiter is interested in.
  • Always use formal and professional language in your resume.
  • Avoid filler phrases and irrelevant information. Focus on the data that is important to the company and how you can fit into the job and highlight other complementary skills and abilities that make you the ideal candidate.
  • Write the resume in reverse chronological order so that the recruiter can first see your latest courses, training, or internships.
  • Be clear, concise, and direct. A perfect resume never exceeds two pages. In your case, if you don’t have the experience, even if it only has one page, that is also correct.

If you follow these tips, it will be very easy for you to make a resume without experience with a professional profile that stands out from the rest of the candidates. To help you in your task, at we put at your disposal numerous modern resume templates and cover letter templates so that you can write a perfect and professional resume, with which you will get the job you want.

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