Job Description Examples

Job Description Examples

Welcome to our job profiles directory. We want to inform you about various professions and the associated tasks and fields of activity on these pages. The focus is, of course, on the resume and cover letter. We provide sample job descriptions for each profession, which you can use as inspiration for your cover letters.

Job description examples by Industry and job title

Below you will find an overview of various professions and positions. There is information on the respective tasks for each existing profession, fields of activity, locations, and frequently required qualifications and skills when applying. You can use this information to consider and highlight critical personal characteristics and experiences in your cover letter or resume. Furthermore, the explanations can tailor your resume as optimally as possible to the respective position and the associated requirements. Click on one of the following links to find out more about the separate profession or position.

Job descriptions help you gain insight into a profession.

Are you looking for the next challenge? Have you completed your studies, and are you ready to enter the labor market? Or are you going to make a career switch? Whatever your career plans, it's essential to determine if a position is a right fit for you. In addition, extensive knowledge of a position can make the difference between you and the other applicants for your dream vacancy. Read in the job descriptions what the job entails, important characteristics, the training, the salary, and tips for applying for a job. This way you will search for suitable vacancies for you!