Marketing manager resume template

marketing manager resume template

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Job description: what does a marketing manager do?

Marketing managers inspire customers. They advertise products and brands to place them on the market in an advantageous manner. In the best-case scenario, the marketing experts create decisive competitive advantages and thus win new customers or bind existing customers to the company over the long term. Marketing provides a wide range of suitable instruments for this. They start with the conception of small ‘giveaways’ for trade fairs and advertising events through methodical measures.

Marketing accompanies a product throughout its entire product life cycle. This includes the product conception, the market launch, the time spent on the market, and removing a disused product. Marketing managers take on the following tasks: The conception of the product, pricing, advertising, distribution, and sales. As a result, marketing cooperates with other departments in a company, such as development, purchasing, or sales.

Depending on the product and market situation, marketing experts develop the marketing goals of a company and the strategies necessary to achieve these goals. This includes both strategic approaches and operational measures in the offline and online areas. As soon as they have the approval of the company management, marketing managers take over the implementation of the marketing concept and its success control. In addition, they constantly analyze their market environment, pick up on new trends, and adjust their company’s marketing strategy accordingly.

Marketing managers work for advertising agencies, market research institutes, or directly in a company’s internal marketing department. They also have career opportunities as management consultants or lecturers in the commercial field. In large companies, marketing experts have excellent career prospects. You can quickly advance from marketing assistant to head of the marketing department and possibly even advance to board level.

Marketing manager responsibilities and requirements

Marketing managers usually have a university degree with a commercial focus and several years of professional experience in marketing or market research. A stay abroad is often an advantage. However, the criteria required in the job advertisement are always decisive. Also, career changers with appropriate advanced and advanced training can qualify for a job in marketing.

Marketing managers should have a thorough understanding of the company’s market environment. This includes the market mechanisms, the legal framework, and the demands of your customers. The experts are proficient in a wide variety of marketing instruments and market research methods. They are also familiar with advertising and design and have the necessary know-how in contract law, controlling, logistics and statistics.

Good marketing managers are creative people. If possible, they already know what people will need tomorrow and always find the right words for it, which they ultimately put in the limelight. To do this, they have to act online and offline as well as nationally and internationally. As a result, the required soft skills are extensive. Anyone who wants to be successful in marketing needs talent for communication. A confident demeanor, if possible in several languages, is essential. In addition, there is a service-oriented way of thinking and a quick grasp. In addition, marketing managers nowadays have to be able to move ideally through virtual space, including online advertising measures and appropriate marketing strategies.

Marketing managers work determined, solution-oriented and independent, but are just as good at teamwork and interested in working with managers from other departments or external business partners. You are resilient, willing to perform, and assertive. You have to set new impulses for a company and serve as an innovator in the process. Accordingly, marketing managers must stand behind their company and its products and services. You must be able to identify yourself with the character and philosophy of your employer. Marketing managers should also be willing to travel. Meetings, advertising events, trade fairs, and other public appearances often require an external assignment.

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