How to write a modern resume: tips, templates, and samples

Applicants who want to stand out with their application can use a modern resume. The advantage: Almost any CV can be turned into a modern one. To do this, you just need to use certain graphic elements. Even easier: you choose one of our design templates. As with any other template, the same applies to a modern resume: It must suit the applicant and the company. Just take a look around our templates and get an overview of the elements with which you can change your CV. It’s up to you how far you want to go.

What is our modern resume templates?

A modern CV is now standard for application documents. Especially applicants who have not written applications for a long time will quickly see the difference to a non-modern CV.

What is the format of this resume?

The most obvious hallmarks of a modern resume are brevity and conciseness. The most important professional stations are pointedly presented. In this way, the HR manager can quickly get a good overview of the applicant’s professional career. However, applicants can of course also formulate a classic CV very briefly and pointedly – this is even recommended, as HR managers usually have little time to sift through the many different application documents. The length can vary between one and two A4 pages. It just depends on how much professional experience the candidate who is writing the modern resume has.

Design elements of the modern curriculum vitae

The modern resume differs in design from other templates. Therefore, by using a few selected design elements, applicants can turn a classic CV into a modern one. As long as you make sure that the graphic elements suit you and the position you are applying for, there are no limits to your creativity. Pay attention to the following elements when creating your resume. There are a few specific guidelines to keep in mind when creating a modern resume. This way it remains clear despite the graphic elements and the HR manager will be happy to look at it. The typical division of the page into two is one of them. Also, the following elements:

Icons and graphic elements

A resume becomes a modern CV precisely because icons and graphic elements are used. These have the following advantages:

  • Cleverly placed icons mean that the resume is clearer and easier to read thanks to more white space. The use of graphic elements and icons is strongly recommended, especially about the division into two parts.
  • The resume is visually enhanced by the elements. Because they can be customized in shape and color, they can be tailored to all types of resumes.
  • Icons are not tied to a language. If you have to write a resume in English, you can also use our CV templates and samples and even make online applications more attractive. The application is given an individual expression and is designed in a uniform style.

Individual touch

Due to the large and varied selection of samples and templates that you can find with us, you can put together an individual resume. Because you also have the option of combining different elements from the templates in your resume. This is how you create an individual CV that you enjoy looking at. This is extremely important as you will need to market yourself with your application. If you have a resume that you are convinced of, you will certainly do better.

Stand out among competitors

With graphic elements and icons, your CV can also stand out from the crowd of conventional and classic CVs. With a little luck, this will give you an edge over the competition. Always remember: the HR manager usually has very little time to look at the documents. Eye-catchers such as icons can be just the thing to attract the attention of staff.

Which rules do I have to follow?

The resume has to fit the company. The number of applicants is particularly high for jobs that are in great demand and some of them probably use a modern resume. Under certain circumstances, you can therefore attract even more attention with a classic resume without graphic elements. It always depends on the respective position. Therefore, these and of course the company should be kept in mind when creating your resume. The main focus should always be on the content. You should therefore underline the content with the graphic elements.

Classic resume for a classic company?

With a modern resume, you can stand out in a classic company. Simply because most applicants tend to opt for the conventional variant. However, there is also the risk that you will appear too modern and progressive and therefore not suitable for a more conservative position. So you should weigh up which position you want to achieve in the company and how you should affect the HR manager.

Modern resume for a modern company?

This equation does not necessarily have to be correct either. Because maybe with a more conservative resume you can draw the attention of the HR manager to your resume. He will certainly see modern resumes with lots of icons and styles often. On the other hand, a rather cautious resume could also make an overly conservative impression. And that’s exactly what young companies, especially the start-up industry, don’t like. In short, whether you should opt for a modern or a classic CV depends on many different factors that you have to decide from application to application.