Photographer resume template

photographer resume template

Download photographer resume and cover letter template as a Word file


Looking for a resume template as a photographer? Whether you find a new job depends largely on your application documents. We’ll help you make your application a success.

How to write a photographer resume

As a photographer, you have an eye for something special. You can capture special moments and keep them permanently in pictures. Your job is a mixture of technology and creativity. With all the possibilities for your ideas, however, you must also be able to implement specifications. These can either be the wishes of your customers or simply rules that have to be observed, for example, when creating passport photos.

The important content of your resume

Your application aims to receive an invitation to a personal interview. To achieve this, you have to be convincing and stand out from the rest of the applicants in terms of content and form. Use not only your cover letter but also your resume to show your qualifications and to recommend yourself for the vacancy as a photographer.

Of course, mandatory information such as your name and address must not be missing. It is also necessary that you present your professional career completely. You should also not leave out times when you were not working as a photographer.

Also, it is advisable to take a closer look at your professional skills. From product photography to industrial photography to laboratory technology, you can list all the relevant knowledge that you have to offer here. If you have acquired additional qualifications in the past, you should also mention these.

Photographer resume complete CV sample:

  • 1 Page Resume Template
  • 2 Page Resume Template
  • Cover Letter Template (thank you card)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) files
  • US Letter and A4 size
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To ensure that your application as a photographer is convincing, we recommend that you use our CV template.

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