Product manager resume template

product manager resume template

Download a product manager resume and cover letter template as a Word file


Looking for a job as a product manager? Do you have a job in the trade but require to update your product manager’s CV in the best achievable way? Whatever your case, writing a good PM CV is essential to landing a job interview or reaffirming your position as a PM specialist. The CV is a document that varies from one profession to another, so learning to write a CV for a PM that sets you apart from other candidates is very important.

How to write a product manager resume

Working as a product manager implies being able to plan and control all phases of the product chain (and to do so in such a way that all sectors are correctly informed) The PM specialist, therefore, is one of the fundamental axes of the process industries, so when writing a product manager CV you will not be able to leave any of these sections.

How to write a product manager resume objective

In this part of the CV of a PM specialist, you have to specify point by point the skills and competencies that make you essential in the trade. Do you have relevant communication skills? Organizational and administration skills? Feel free to include this information so that your product manager CV example is perfect.

The work experience to work as a product manager

This is one of the major relevant sections in any product manager CV worth it’s salt. Indicate point by point all the product manager jobs that you have done to date if you have made a comprehensive product plan for a company, and indicate in detail the functions performed.

How to put education on the product manager resume

Given that many entrepreneurs prefer to hire PM who have specialized studies in finance, economic management, and business, the academic training section in the this CV acquires an especially relevant dimension. Therefore, do not hesitate to specify the studies and courses that make you valuable when working as a PM in a company or industry.

Without professional CV design, you have no chance

When creating your resume, make sure to present your qualities in the most positive light possible and also pay the necessary attention to the design. Because it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Without a visually appealing resume, you inevitably leave an unprofessional impression that significantly reduces your chances of success.

The ideal CV template for conservative industries

When it comes to choosing the right CV template, your job plays a major role. While it can be a bit more colorful in creative industries, you are most likely to score in other areas with a design that is as simple as possible. If the latter is the case, this CV template is perfect. Dark green accents as well as a clear structure ensure a serious look, with which you are right when applying as a product manager.

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