Production Assistant Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Summary of qualifications

Enthusiastic and confident graduate in visual communications with good knowledge of the film-making industry and excellent communication skills, seeking for an opportunity to work under a reputed production company to master the art of film-making.

Knowledgeable on standard operations of film production through internship for a current production office. Excellent knowledge in software programs including Photoshop, Dreamware, Flash and Illustrator.

Employment experience

STAR PRODUCTIONS, Austin, Texas January 2014 – Present

Production Office Assistant

  • Answer phone calls, schedule meetings and photographing locations.
  • Work with assistant directors to convey information from the director to each department.
  • Handle all of the audio and visual devices.
  • Pass schedules and scripts to the actors and other members of the team.
  • Assist the production manager and complete assigned tasks efficiently.

BA in Film Making, 2013


High School Diploma, 2009 Actively participated in Drama Club, assisting with high school play setups and handing out screenplays. REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Mid-Level Professional Resume

The resume of the mid-level production assistant should list out the various duties the applicant has carried out that relate to the field of film-making. Expertise that applicants have gained over a minimum of 2 to 5 years working in the industry should be presented as well. The following is a production assistant resume sample that producers and directors would deem acceptable for an individual seeking a career in this field.

Alex Schmidt 2103 Broadmoor Street, Houston, TX 77001

Home: (713) 331-5123 | Cell: (713) 551-9451 | [email protected]

  • Experienced assistant in the television production industry with excellent skills in communication and carrying out administrative duties.
  • Flexible and willing to work irregular hours to assist managers with film productions. Proficient in accounting to assist with budgeting and cost cuts where necessary.
  • Self-organized
  • Time management and efficiency
  • Administrative duties
  • Mac and PC knowledgeable
  • Punctual
  • Theatre technical applications
  • Carpentry and metalworking skills
  • Coordinating meetings
  • Production Assistant Experience

    VISUAL WORKS – Houston, TX

    Production Assistant, March 2012-Present Perform standard administrative tasks to efficiently manage schedules for the production team. Maintain the accounts and expense reports and run errands for team members.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Development Assistance: Organize costumes by labeling accordingly, escort actors to and from trailers, and ensure that the production office is set up with necessary supplies and props.
    • Administrative Responsibilities: Handle phone calls and organize travel arrangements for the cast and crew of production projects.


    Office Production Assistant, July 2010 – March 2012 Efficiently completed numerous tasks around the production office to maintain organization and management in assisting producers. Efficiently organized schedules, contracts and call sheets. Key Responsibilities:

    • Production Management: Organized the accommodations, ran various errands for cast members and ensured a clean work environment.
    • Administrative Assistance: Scheduled meetings with actors and contractors; booked the preferred venues for performances or shoots per producer’s instructions.
    Education & Credentials TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY– College Station, TX

    BA in Mass Communications and Journalism, May 2010 Completed undergraduate research in Liberal Arts and production assistant boot camp program in 2009.

    Experienced Professional Resume

    Experienced production assistants have likely acquired an advanced level of training and may even possess specialized degrees in the entertainment field. Professional-level production assistants are those who have worked in the industry of film production for at least seven years, working closely with producers and directors. The production assistant sample resume presented below highlights Mr. Anderson’s extensive knowledge and skills in various work experiences in correlation to a college degree earning him greater placement in job searches.

    Michael Anderson

    [email protected]

    1350 Thompson Square

    Houston, TX 77001 Cell: 713.303.1874 PRODUCTION ASSISTANT

    Hardworking | Dependability | Technically Knowledgeable

    Organized | Quick-Thinker An enthusiastic and highly adaptable production assistant with over 10 years of experience working in various departments of film-making. Excellent communication skills and professional attitude with dedication to the job. CORE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS

  • Office management
  • Computer skills
  • Video editing
  • Production rehearsals
  • Budget management
  • Administrative duties
  • Manage contracts
  • Organize scripts
  • Film production tasks
  • Work cooperatively with crew

    Senior Production Assistant

    Fox Entertainment 2008-Present Manage the production office tasks to ensure smooth operations by handling production inquiries. Efficiently typed, edited, copy and pasted the script to the cast and crew.

    • Scheduled meetings for actors and directors.
    • Assist with technical theater operations.
    • Maintain current shot lists for drama productions.
    • Prepare paper work for pre- and post-production.
    • Manage accounting expenses and payments.
    • Calmly and effectively managed large crowds.
    • Took location photographs and gave them to the production manager.
    • Manage contracts with various organizations.
    Video Production Assistant

    Big Star Productions 2006-2008 Efficiently managed the extras and distributed the schedules and call sheets. Assisted in production tasks with key skills in computer programs and equipment.

    • Attended and scheduled all production meetings.
    • Provided assistance and ran errands for members of the production crew.
    • Edited pre-recorded materials.
    • Checked and ensured copyright and permission compliance.
    • Attended production rehearsals.
    • Assisted with props and background set ups.
    Production Assistant

    Houston Media Productions 2004-2006 Assisted with scheduling and correspondence of departments throughout the production office. Performed various administrative duties answering calls and greeting crew members.

    • Managed the inventory by keeping the supplies running and organized.
    • Helped in construction of sets and props.
    • Assisted in moving the equipment to different locations.
    • Delivered the film to various locations and departments as needed.
    • Organize script distributions among production crew.
    • Acted as a liaison between directors and production executives.
    • Assisted the production manager during briefings and provided suggestions.
    EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Baylor University, MS in Entertainment Business and Film Production

    Certified Production Assistant, P.A. Boot Camp, TX, 2005