How to become a real estate agent

Job description: What does a real estate agent do

Real estate agents are active in all areas of the real estate industry and take care of real estate management and brokerage. Your main areas of responsibility can be divided into advisory-mediating and administrative activities.

A critical area of ​​application is the advice and support of prospective buyers and sellers in all phases of the buying and selling process: Real estate agents create meaningful exposes based on a careful property appraisal, determine the special wishes and requirements of the prospective buyers, and show them the properties in question during viewing appointments. They calculate the appropriate sales price based on their market analysis, take over the sales negotiations, and advise buyers and sellers on contractual matters. They also accompany their customers during the final notary appointment and are available at any time if they have any questions.

Her primary role is that of a competent mediator between the various parties involved in real estate purchase or rental: price negotiations and the search for tenants, help in choosing the perfect financing concept and the ideal financial institution, or taking on administrative activities in the context of homeownership are typical tasks of a real estate agent. The preparation of operating cost statements, the correct execution of apartment handovers, or the maintenance of the buildings entrusted to them is among their most important areas of application.

Another field is the participation in new construction or renovation measures: Here, real estate agents accompany the construction measures from the first cost calculation and financing proposals to the control of the construction progress and marketing measures to attract potential buyers.

Real estate agents are employed as independent real estate agents in banks’ real estate division, building societies, insurance companies, and all housing, asset, and property management institutions. Property developers and investors also use real estate agents to plan and market their real estate projects. At the same time, there are also job opportunities in public administration, such as building and property offices.

Average salary: How much does a real estate agent make in the United States?

The average salary for a real estate agent is $85,000 per year ($36.50 per hour) in the United States.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Real estate agent responsibilities and requirements

In addition to organizational and commercial skills, real estate agents need high communication skills and negotiating skills. In their daily work, they are frequently confronted with different groups of people from other social and professional circles and empathize with their needs and life situation. The spectrum of customers ranges from tenants in financial difficulties who have to be informed about government support measures to investors who are planning to buy real estate as a capital investment and require empathy, flexibility, and customer-oriented action.

Since one of the real estate agents’ primary tasks is the sale of real estate, a sales-promoting appearance and professional conversation techniques are essential for successful sales processes. Calculatory and arithmetic skills are necessary for the areas of leasing, sales, and property management. Here real estate agents are responsible, for example, for developing financing plans or for calculating rental prices.

Organizational talent is essential in all areas of the job description of the real estate agent: inspection and notary appointments, visits to the authorities, handover of apartments, or the organization of repair or maintenance work in real estate management are essential components of everyday work. The dynamism of the real estate market with its constantly new trends and developments requires the willingness to lifelong learning and further training to be able to advise customers competently at any time: Not only location factors and prices but also legal regulations, such as building and tax law, are subject to constant social and political change processes real estate agents need to follow closely.

The profile of a successful real estate agent results from the combination of personal characteristics such as determination, communication talent, diligence, and always up-to-date specialist knowledge in the various topics of the real estate industry. We recommend using our real estate agent resume template to have a high chance of success and an invitation for an interview.