Restaurant resume template

restaurant resume template

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Can you improve professional growth but struggle to write a strong resume? Use our writing tips and restaurant manager resume template to help you put together a job-winning application.

Job description: what does a restaurant manager do?

One of the central tasks of the restaurant manager is advising and serving guests. This involves a friendly greeting, assigning seats, expert advice on food and drinks, serving what you have ordered, preparing drinks, clearing used dishes, and, of course, correct invoicing and error-free cashing.

If more significant events such as family celebrations or conferences are planned, qualified advice for the guests from restaurant specialists is also desired. Many things have to be done in the background: tables are set again, glasses and cutlery polished, napkins folded, the restaurant area tidied up and cleaned, tables and chairs rearranged in event rooms, menus and drinks created, buffets set up and dismantled and many other larger and smaller tasks, some of which are always the same or can change at any time.

As a restaurant manager, you not only work in the dining room or at the bar but just as often in the various storage rooms. Depending on the local conditions, the work can also take place at the reception or outdoors. Room service is also an integral part of the work for restaurant professionals who are employed in hotels. For billing, advice, and planning, the employees also meet in offices or meeting rooms.

Gastronomy encompasses many areas and thus offers restaurant professionals a variety of uses. Inns, guest houses, restaurants, and hotels are certainly the most famous representatives. But also providers of catering services such as butchers or facility management companies can be potential trainers and employers. Even the retail sector offers suitable jobs in large department stores or delicatessen stores, for example.

Restaurant manager responsibilities and requirements

Restaurant professionals are usually the first point of contact for guests and an essential part of their overall impression of the hotel or restaurant in question. Anyone who opts for this apprenticeship should, therefore, not only have a high level of willingness to make contact but also be able to think and act in a very customer- and service-oriented manner – without losing sight of the employer’s economic interests.

Physical resilience is also essential, as most of the time is spent standing and walking and heavy objects such as tables or crates have to be carried. In addition, as a restaurant specialist, you have to be able to deal with stress. Even in a fully occupied restaurant and late at night, guests want to be served quickly and in a friendly manner.

Organizational skills and good memory are essential for a smooth and effective workflow. This is about planning and preparing larger events and the daily routine of advising and serving. As a restaurant specialist, you usually always work in a team. Be it the contact with other service staff, the employees in the kitchen, or other departments in the hotel or restaurant: A strong ability to work in a team is essential to create a pleasant working atmosphere and facilitate day-to-day work.

For restaurant professionals, math skills are essential to avoid making mistakes when creating invoices and cashing out. Good English is necessary for communicating with guests, as is good French or Spanish to communicate with foreign guests. Basics in French can be an asset, as some technical terms have their origins in this language. Other foreign language skills are, of course, always welcome.

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