Secretary resume template

secretary resume template

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Do you enjoy being aware of all the events in the office? Whether you’re applying to a commercial organization or digital company, use our secretary resume template to get ideas as you write yours and show you’re the right person for the job.

Job description: what does a secretary do?

Secretaries mainly take on administrative and organizational tasks. In doing so, they work closely with their superiors. You take care of internal and external communication. They make phone calls, take care of the mail, and process e-mails. You forward orders, hold discussions with business partners and thus form a central hub for managers, employees, and customers. Furthermore, secretaries plan and organize events, conferences, and meetings at which they take minutes. The organization of trips and their correct accounting are also part of her area of ​​expertise.

Other tasks are maintaining databases, managing confidential files and the secretarial filing, creating presentations, gathering information, evaluating it and possibly forwarding it, keeping statistics, assisting superiors, and arranging appointments for the boss and partly also for the department. In addition, there is often the support and entertainment of visitors, superiors, and employees. In addition, secretaries manage specialist books, specialist magazines, and office supplies and, if necessary, take care of their procurement. Cooperation in subject areas and individual tasks and the independent completion of tasks are also part of the duties of secretaries.

Their locations extend to the offices and vestibules of almost all areas of business and administration. There are no industry restrictions. They can be found in trade and industry as well as in trade and production. Corresponding positions can also be found in the service sector and the public sector.

Secretary responsibilities and requirements

The skills and qualifications secretaries should have varied from company to company. However, there are essential characteristics that they should have. You should have good PC skills. Working with the computer is indispensable today, especially the safe use of essential Office programs such as Word, Excel, and Google Drive is often a requirement for this profession. They should also be well organized and be able to handle general secretarial tasks with confidence.

Independent work, communication skills, and reliability are important factors in this job description. Secretaries should be a relief for the supervisor, which is only possible if he can be sure that all tasks to be completed are processed punctually and carefully. But diplomatic skills and the ability to work in a team are also important requirements for secretaries, as they contact superiors, colleagues, and customers. Furthermore, they should show a confident demeanor and a well-groomed appearance, representing the company to the outside world.

Many companies are also active abroad. Therefore, secretaries should be able to demonstrate good foreign language skills to communicate confidently with foreign business partners. Spanish or French, in particular, is a compulsory foreign language in most companies. But Italian are also essential.

In addition, secretaries should have strong nerves, patience, and stress resistance. People in this profession should also have speed, accuracy, and the ability to make quick decisions. Finally, since secretaries often have detailed knowledge of the private life of their superiors, loyalty, discretion and integrity are among the basic requirements of this work.

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