Simple resume templates to customize

Are you facing an important application process in which you want to score? Then you know that your resume is the deciding factor. The HR manager would like to have a meaningful resume on the table that inspires them to invite the author to an interview and thus to get to know them better.

We know, however, that many applicants find it difficult to write an ideal resume. Often, uncertainty about the content and structure plays a role. Are you looking for support with your application? Would you like to learn how to write a correct and convincing resume? Then you are exactly right here!

Simple resume template for any profession

Our simple resume templates can be used for all ages and professions. So regardless of whether you are looking for an internship or a new job – the template can be used for every profession and area. The simple resume template can also be used as a source of inspiration or as an idea for your structure.

Even if you are particularly creative – a template gives you the framework within which you can “let off steam.” With a sample or a template on the subject of a resume, you already have a “framework” and therefore do not start from scratch. This will help you save valuable time. With some job postings, it is essential to be quick.