Social media resume template

social media resume template

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A social media manager needs to be a broad thinking leader capable of implementing changes in the social network that increase productivity and profitability. Look to our social media manager resume template writing tips and tricks that will help you communicate to your hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job.

Job description: what does a social media manager do?

Social media moves the everyday lives of private individuals and is also of interest in the business environment. Social media plays an essential role in numerous work and tasks, whether for customer information, as a platform for job advertisements, or to market new products and innovations.

This is precisely why large and medium-sized, and small companies are looking for professional social media managers. The work in the field of social media can, in principle, be carried out in any company that advocates this fresh and fast marketing level. This is exactly what should be taken into account in an application for this field of activity. An application for employment as a social media manager can be as fast-paced, cheeky, and brave as social media.

Social media managers deal with corporate communication to the outside world, i.e., inform customers, partners, and subscribers about current information and essential company innovations. News, posts, and content images are published according to a detailed strategy. Social media managers also answer customer inquiries or complaints that are expressed on a social platform. The response time often plays an important role, as this fast-medium and its users usually do not forgive long waiting times.

Furthermore, the planning and evaluation of social media campaigns is an essential task of social media managers. The planning includes, among other things, competition and target group analysis and ultimately leads to an editorial plan. The evaluation and measurement of the success of campaigns are done, as is the planning, with the help of suitable tools. The subsequent analysis and the derivation of suitable measures are also part of the tasks of a social media manager.

In the same breath, social media managers often act as press spokespersons or PR managers through direct customer contact, as praise and criticism can be perceived and answered very quickly in this activity.

Social media manager responsibilities and requirements

To be able to work as a social media manager, good communication skills are usually required. A degree in communication science, new media, linguistics or similar training is therefore welcomed by employers. In addition to the entry qualification through a completed degree, there is also the opportunity to complete training, further education, or training as a social media manager.

As already mentioned at the beginning, good communication skills are an essential aspect of working as a social media manager. This also includes a chosen, error-free, and thoughtful manner of expression. For example, once a post has been published on a social media platform, it can rarely be changed or deleted without the users becoming aware of it. Therefore, responsible and careful work is an essential requirement for applicants, as otherwise, a negative image of a company and its products and services can arise very quickly.

Another requirement for social media managers is a high level of online affinity. In addition, you should be familiar with the handling and functions of the various platforms and have a feel for trends and developments.

Employers also attach importance to the fact that the future social media manager can react professionally, confidently, and calmly to critical contributions. A high level of social competence and empathy are essential characteristics for this job.

Since the selection and use of graphics are also common in the social media environment, a social media manager should have a certain creative streak and use the usual image processing programs such as Adobe Photoshop – at least to some extent.

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