System administrator resume template

system administrator resume template

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Job description: what does a system administrator do?

System administrators manage computer systems. You plan, install, configure and maintain the IT infrastructure of a company or other organizations. This structure includes the servers and the workstation computers, including the storage systems, networks, and telecommunication systems on which they are based. The interaction of these components determines the course of business processes nowadays. As a result, the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure is fundamental to a company’s success, and the task of system administrators is all the more important for the company. They keep the computer systems running and optimize their functionality, tailored to the individual processes. His work aims to create stable, maintainable systems while minimizing the time required.

Since the computer landscapes of a company are now very complex, system administrators take on various areas of responsibility. On the one hand, this can be the administration of individual computers and mobile devices. On the other hand, the administration of the various communication paths between these devices, the so-called networks. If a system administrator is responsible for network maintenance, he is also referred to as a network administrator. His area of ​​responsibility then also includes the configuration of routers, switches, and other network components.

In detail, the following activities belong to the profession of a system administrator: administration of servers and workstation computers, maintenance of server systems, support and advice for users, administration of user rights, distribution of software, administration of storage systems, data backup, and data recovery, hardware and software maintenance as well the monitoring and planning of networks. In addition, there is the detection and elimination of errors in the system and advice on the acquisition of new IT components. The main areas of activity are operating systems, storage systems, databases, web servers. The larger the company, the more clearly defined the area of ​​responsibility of a system administrator. In smaller companies, a single employee is usually responsible for all of the IT.

System administrator responsibilities and requirements

The path to becoming a system administrator can be designed very differently. The knowledge required comes from many sub-areas and is rarely taught by just one educational institution. Most system administrators are lateral entrants who have qualified through targeted further training in their professional lives. Most have a university degree or vocational training in IT. In addition, they acquire additional qualifications from manufacturers of various operating systems and hardware in practice.

A system administrator is expected to master different IT concepts. This includes the relevant operating systems of servers and workstations, the essential services of operating systems such as user administration, email accounts or printing services, authentication methods and security concepts, network infrastructure, network protocols, and basic network services.

System administrators are enthusiastic about innovative IT projects and have a commercial understanding and entrepreneurial thinking. In addition, they are distinguished by their systematic and analytical skills. In addition, they are quick to grasp, have a high technical understanding, and can devote themselves to several tasks simultaneously. System administrators are flexible and reliable employees who can work accurately and carefully, independently and in a team. They often have to go to work on the weekend or at night, as some systems can only be serviced at these times. In addition, they are capable of contact and communication. System administrators can express themselves in a personal conversation and on the phone or by email and convince with their confident demeanor.

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