How to write a teacher resume: tips for applying

The teaching activity sector is divided into several categories and provides for a great diversity of disciplines. Thus, becoming a teacher is achievable when you have the required skills as well as a valid resume to apply to an institution. We offer you the best resume templates to easily access this profession.

The different teacher profiles

The teaching can be divided into 4 categories. The first is to teach children aged 2 to 11 in a school. The second is to become a certified college and high school teacher. The third consists of aggregation to teach in high schools (preparatory classes) and higher institutes. The last provides for the highest grade. It is the professor’s doctor, who can direct university research work.

The skills required to teach

To work in the education sector, you must have a certain qualification, suitable for each of the above-mentioned education categories.

The format of a teacher’s resume

The general format of the teacher’s resume respects the classic rule, which puts your personal information in mind as well as your contact details and profiles, and subsequently your diplomas, professional experiences, other skills, and areas of interest. However, it is in the content that it differs from other resume templates. To serve as an example resume, we will show you how to create an education resume, showing you a detailed resume template online.

The content of a teacher’s resume

Specify the studies followed and the diplomas obtained. After giving all the information about you, you will detail your course and indicate the diplomas obtained. The resume must be adapted to the position requested, that is to say, you must mention the diploma which corresponds to the category of the profession. However, the presentation will be in descending chronological order, and the highest and most recent diploma or level of study will be cited first. You will also indicate the name of the establishments that you attended, as well as the places and dates.

Professional experiences in teaching and other skills

Having a professional teaching experience means you already know how to teach. Thus, this will serve as an asset to be better qualified by the recruiter. The presentation will be the same as that of the diplomas, that is to say, the most recent will be mentioned first. Regarding other skills, you can indicate them if you find them useful for this sector of activity. For example, you can mention that you are a specialized educator who has obtained a certificate of completion.

Hobbies and interests

Indication of your areas of interest is optional in a teaching resume. However, as in “the other skills” above, if you find it necessary to mention them to strengthen your profile, you can very well do so. For example, you can indicate that you are a member of an association that aims to support education. This could be a beneficial point and will grab the recruiter’s attention.