Truck Driver Resume

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Hard-working and dedicated driver seeks employment with reputable trucking company with which she can further her career, gain new experience, and travel cross-country. Outstanding physical health, perfect driving record, and the ability to make quick decisions.


Southern Young High School

High School Diploma, 2011

Grade Average: A

Relevant Coursework

  • Driver’s Education – Passed with A+ on written exam and 97/100 on driving exam.

Major strengths

  • Outstanding physical health, vision, and hearing.
  • Impeccable driving record.
  • Clean criminal record and no history of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Able to remain focused without constant supervision.
  • Able to operate trucks of various sizes.
  • Drive calmly in unforeseen situations, including heavy traffic and inclement weather.
  • Proven time and stress management skills.
  • Exceptional work ethic; willing to work long and unusual hours as needed to make deliveries on time.

Mid-Level Professional Resume

At the mid-level point in his or her career, a truck driver should have between three and seven years’ of experience with at least two different employers. Core competencies, achievements and recognition should be the primary focus, so be sure to highlight skills such as the ability to discover shorter routes and delivery success rates. In the truck driver resume sample found below, Lorenzo Gonzales focuses on his skills, his recognition for zero accidents, and his high delivery rates.

Lorenzo Gonzales

1267 West Wind Hollow, San Francisco, CA 94101 • (777)-777-7777 • [email protected]

PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: Heavy truck driver with six years of experience driving big rigs cross-country. Able to efficiently manage time and has zero accidents throughout career. 99% on-time delivery rate. CORE COMPETENCIES
  • Possess Class A CDL license.
  • Expert in map and atlas reading; understands GPS and other navigational equipment.
  • Experienced in heavy hauling of hazardous materials.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle cargo.
  • Clean driving and criminal record.
  • Efficient, hard-working, and cost-conscious.
  • Physically fit and able to meet demands of the road.


  • Maintained 99% on-time delivery rate throughout six-year career.
  • Successfully lessened transport times for R&R Trucking by 6% through the use of more efficient routes.
  • Provided employee webcasts on safety tips for transporting hazardous materials while with Jagger National Delivery.

Truck Driver, January 2011 – Present

Experienced Professional Resume

A truck driver is considered an experienced professional when he or she has about 10 years of experience. You should be able to include certain career achievements in your truck driver resume, including any awards you’ve received, which will make you a more qualified candidate. In the truck driver sample resume below, Mark Warbler has focused first on his talents and then on his most important career achievements, including his Employee of the Year award.

Mark Warbler 1961 Reardon Court

Nashville, TN 37201 Phone: 615/886-9741

[email protected]

Truck Driver

Proven Experience and Focus on Safety Proven safe, efficient and dedicated big rig truck driver with 10 years’ experience in long hauls. Understand basic truck maintenance and cost efficiency. Physically fit and able to handle the demands of loading and unloading. Perfect driving record and criminal background. CORE COMPETENCIES

  • Firm understanding of routes; able to navigate using maps and/or GPS systems.
  • Proven client relations skills; able to professionally handle disgruntled clients.
  • Understand vehicle maintenance and basic repairs.
  • Attention to detail and defensive driving skills.
  • Understand cost efficiency and how to spend wisely.
  • Driven to meet delivery deadlines.
  • Class A CDL
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Water Trucking – Nashville, TN 9/2009-Present Truck Driver Drive three cross-country routes regularly. Responsible for loading truck, delivering goods to destination, offloading goods, and collecting payments for goods received. Perform maintenance and basic repairs; keep travel and expense logs. Selected Results:
  • Zero accidents during employment with company.
  • Maintained 98% on-time delivery rate in the face of inclement weather and other obstacles.
  • Was awarded Employee of the Year in 2010 after successfully navigating a blizzard to deliver goods in New York.