How is the unique resume structured?

The unique resume describes the complete career of a person. It is designed so that the HR manager can recognize the relevant facts directly and, if necessary, skim them. Therefore, individual points are not written out but formulated or listed in key points.

What do you have to pay attention to in a unique resume?

Some no-gos are not to be violated. So it is better to show courage for the famous gap than to fill it with artificial stations or even keep quiet. There is no shame in being out of work for a while or just taking a little time to reorient yourself. However, today’s hiring managers realize that unique resumes are no longer as straightforward as they used to be. The only important thing is that you can reasonably explain a gap in your unique resume.

Also, no skills or previous job positions should be embellished. For example, if you were a deputy team leader, you shouldn’t suddenly have been a team leader to appear more competent. This rule applies in particular to language skills. Because often in the unique resume, “Spanish fluent” is indicated even though one only has the basic knowledge. But if you are interviewed in Spanish during the interview, you have bad cards and can expect a rejection.

It is generally better to stick to the truth and remain authentic because that is what is most valued! Your completed unique resume should accompany an appealing cover letter and go to the potential employer in an excellent application folder, including references. You can, of course, find a suitable resume template or sample on our website.