Web designer resume template

web designer resume template

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Are you an expert web designer with years of experience in digital art and advertising but can’t seem to fit your achievements on your resume? Learn to impress hiring managers by taking ideas from our downloadable web designer resume template and job-specific writing tips.

Job description: what does a web designer do?

A web designer is usually responsible for creating and maintaining websites for the Internet. But other multimedia application areas are also covered in this profession. The creation and maintenance of a website include, on the one hand, the design and structure of the page itself, and on the other hand, the optimization of the user interfaces, taking usability into account.

The web designer is usually self-employed or employed by a company that operates in the software or Internet and multimedia sector. Typically, web designers find jobs in Internet and advertising agencies, software houses, and the marketing departments of companies of all sizes. Independent web designers plan the website together with their customers, taking into account the design wishes expressed. The web designer also defines the technical implementation options and the financial framework of the project with the customer. The web designers then take care of the implementation. The work in a company is similar, but the web designers are primarily responsible for their appearance.

The activities of the web designer mainly include the editing of graphic and text files, the conception and development of the navigation and interaction options of the site, and the planning and implementation of a suitable design concept. The web designer makes sure that the page fits the company’s corporate design and meets editorial and technical requirements. Web designers are also often involved in marketing and sales, as the launch or relaunch of a company website is often combined with suitable advertising measures at the same time.

Therefore, the work of a web designer largely consists of customer support and advice, planning and concept development, and the implementation of the design. The design of various multimedia websites is in the foreground when working as a web designer. Still, similar work from the field of marketing can also be part of the tasks of a web designer. In principle, however, web designer can use their skills in numerous different industries.

Web designer responsibilities and requirements

To carry out the work as mentioned above areas to the satisfaction of the customers and the company, the web designer’s work is often preceded by an apprenticeship or a degree in media design, media informatics, or communication design. Here, budding web designers learn everything about the broad technical area of ​​web design: The use of image processing programs, HTML editors, and CSS and scripting languages ​​such as JavaScript are relevant for the job of a web designer.

In addition, the web designer must have some personal skills. A web designer should work in a team – web designers often work in teams in projects and when developing concepts. As a rule, there are interfaces with the customer or client and with the programmers.

The budding web designer should also bring care and the ability to work independently. In addition, a web designer must communicate with customers and approach them to determine their ideas and possibilities with them and define the project framework.

When working as a web designer, one of the essential skills is creativity: The web designer must have a feel for appealing page design and ideally also a talent for artistic design. Knowledge in the areas of conversion optimization and online marketing is also welcome.

Web designers must also be able and willing to continue their education: The professional field of web and media design is constantly evolving. To offer customers contemporary design options, the web designer should always show a willingness to learn and stay up to date. When applying for this job, value is often placed on a combination of technical knowledge and personal characteristics.

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