Welding Supervisor CV

Samantha Gray

North Highlands CA 95660

(916) 987-6543

[email protected]

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Mobile: 07156 027758 Tel: 01297 911805


My primary objective as a welding supervisor is to contribute to the success of the company by applying my utmost knowledge and skills in all phases of the welding fabrication process. In order to do this, I will see to it that safety and quality standards are met and activities are cost-efficient. With two years of experience as a welding supervisor, I have honed my abilities in performing indispensable duties such as coordinating activities; supplies inventory; regular assessment of systems, equipment, and work ethics; and prompt intervention of conflicts as required. Among my objectives is the constant improvement of my abilities. Thus, I can confidently say I will be an asset to the company.

Skills profile

Strong working experience of mechanical engineering fabrication process and environment.

Strong knowledge of metals, mechanical components and assemblies, welding methods, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrate inspection, ultrasonic inspection, destructive welding examination techniques, welding processes, welding symbols and definitions.

Strong knowledge of workplace health and safety standards.

Ability to quickly identify typical welding defects such as lack of fusion, cracks, porosity and variations in the weld density.

Strong ability to troubleshoot, identify root cause and systematically solve problems

Excellent team player.

Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.


HNC in Fabrication and Welding

Central Sussex College


2010 – 2012

GCSEs: English, Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Ibstock Place School



Orion Group

Welding Supervisor

East Lothian

2013 – Current

  • Completed inspection documentation, procedures and reports, and updated computerized management system as required.
  • Developed and implemented welding inspection procedures.
  • Established techniques for proper examination of mechanical welds under inspection, ensuring strict adherence to specifications.
  • Evaluated supplier quality system and managed and developed programs to meet our customer requirements.
  • Performed incoming and final inspection of products to meet customer requirements including inspection of specified base metal and welded finished products.
  • Liaised with customers to clarify the specifications and expectations.

Aarvi Encon Pvt Ltd

Welding Supervisor


2012 – 2013

  • Supervised excavation, pipe laying, manual welding of steel pipe joints, backfilling, and compaction.
  • Fabricated and installed the fittings and connections etc as necessary.
  • Identified any procurement requirements and advised appropriate Manager.
  • Reviewed and implemented new procedures and practices to develop and reduce costs within the workshop.
  • Scheduled production and assigned work to the team.


Fritz Rosa

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Serena Bailey

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